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Kilgore Project will devastate these grizzlies

#Kill the Kilgore Project Before It Kills Our Grizzlies

The Kilgore Project Yesterday, Idaho Falls’s Post Register reported the Canadian gold mining company Otis intends to expand drilling operations in the Centennial Mountains. They want 3000 more acres to build forest-removing roads and 140 drill sites. This Kilgore Project proposal, so named for its proximity to Kilgore, Idaho, would increase their current drilling operation […]

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A Master Course in the Macabre in Idaho’s Beaverheads

From Late June through July of 2017, Alex and I were engaged in a near-300-mile through-hike of eastern Idaho’s mountain ranges. We began at Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone National Park on June 25th and followed the Continental Divide Trail through the Centennial Mountains, which form the Idaho-Montana Border. From the 6th to the 10th of July, […]

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Grizzly bear paw prints next to Oboz hiking boot

Bear Tracks Dilemma

  A Bear Dilemma, Clearly On the day of the above photograph, Eric and I had been backpacking 20 miles across the Continental Divide, up and down the ridgeline and drainages of the Centennial Mountains that create a natural border between Montana and Idaho, before looking down and seeing these grizzly bear tracks. The Centennials […]

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