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The metaphysics of wildlife underpasses

Before things get out of hand, let me state unequivocally that I support wildlife underpasses (and overpasses, fish ladders, canopy bridges, and all other infrastructural devices that unite wildlife populations across man-made barriers). They have been shown many times in many places to work effectively in reducing roadkill numbers. This means, of course, fewer humans […]

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Centennial Mountains from highest peak Mount Jefferson

The Centennial Mountains: A Range Like No Other In Idaho

The Centennial Mountains: Our Favorite Places’ Best Kept Secret Sure, in terms of Rocky Mountain celebrities, the Centennials are not exactly A-listers. Glacier National Park lies to the north; Yellowstone National Park, to the east; Grand Teton National Park, to the southeast. With backpackers and climbers understandably taken by the Sawtooths, peak-baggers writing their names […]

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