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gun violence and mental health doesn't explain the rise in school shootings since the 1980s

The NRA Needs Pie: equating gun violence and mental health is poor taste

The gun violence and mental health script Dr. John T. Monahan sums up the gun violence and mental health script thusly: “Two things typically happen in the wake of a mass shooting. First, politicians claim that mental illness is the major cause of violence in America. Then, advocates for people with mental illness respond by […]

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Bullet holes through signs

Bullet Points: Shooting Holes into the NRA’s Echo Chamber

As if a shooting weren’t tragic enough After a shooting, we are suddenly forced into a world without our loved ones. Be it accidental or murderous, no words can soothe such violence. But there are certain words, spoken more out of reflex than out of thoughtfulness or awareness, that make the violence even worse: “Guns […]

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