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My Dad in the Valley of Fire

That time my dad let a man live in his car

An anecdote about my dad A while back, my dad noticed that his car had begun the curious habit of generating cigarette butts. My dad didn’t smoke. No one who he rode around with smoked in his car. He’d go into work with a cigarette-butt-free vehicle, and by the time his shift ended, there waiting […]

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Birthday Sarah in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area

We Could All Learn A Thing Or Two From Birthday Sarah

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Here I was considering myself the bee’s knees for creating the Yell to Hell, a 900+ mile hike from Yellowstone to Hell’s Canyon, while Birthday Sarah’s over here lapping the sun for a 24th time! That’s a distance of 584,000,000 miles x 24 = 14,016,000,000 miles. And since she’s too humble to […]

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Welcome to Bears Ears National Monument

When We Became “Welcome to Bears Ears”: A Metamorphosis

One morning, Eric and I woke in the desert from uneasy politics and found we had turned into a large “Welcome to Bears Ears” sign. For two days, some people treated us like monstrous vermin. Well, nine people did. Nine whites treated us unkindly (spoiler). Turning into ‘Welcome to Bears Ears’ Memorial Day weekend, 2017: […]

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