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My Dad in the Valley of Fire

That time my dad let a man live in his car

An anecdote about my dad A while back, my dad noticed that his car had begun the curious habit of generating cigarette butts. My dad didn’t smoke. No one who he rode around with smoked in his car. He’d go into work with a cigarette-butt-free vehicle, and by the time his shift ended, there waiting […]

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Open Pit mining in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Timeline of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s Open Pit Apocalypse

The Fickle Business of the Open Pit 1930s: Blue Ledge Company sets up underground adits, potential prospect pits, and a foundation for a mill that will never end up getting built. 1983 – 1994: Bear Creek Mining tries some exploratory drilling then sells to Placer Dome US (1990), which after trying some exploratory drilling sells […]

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an effable backpacking thought is rare but sad in such beautiful places

Yet another example of an effable backpacking thought

The ineffable backcountry For the most part, when we escape to the hills or wilderness or backcountry or whatever wonderful name we give the beloved pristine, what we escape from includes the easily describable. Nature’s magical knack at rendering us mute both connects us to our wordless roots and gives us exactly what we wish […]

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upcoming backpacking season means planning backpacking meals

Some backpacking meals that won’t break the bank or your back

Bears yawn low in the valleys; snow pack climbs the hills; streams wet their beds; buffalo teach newborns the joy of dirt; the wild’s new generation grow close to their mothers; Poetry offers its one free issue; magnets press wedding invitations to the fridge; graphic designers wrap up their Earth Day posters; outdoor outfitters wear […]

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Birthday Sarah in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area

We Could All Learn A Thing Or Two From Birthday Sarah

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Here I was considering myself the bee’s knees for creating the Yell to Hell, a 900+ mile hike from Yellowstone to Hell’s Canyon, while Birthday Sarah’s over here lapping the sun for a 24th time! That’s a distance of 584,000,000 miles x 24 = 14,016,000,000 miles. And since she’s too humble to […]

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Rape Culture and State Supreme Court saying a woman with cerebral palsy should have fought off her rapist

Our Rape Culture Honor Roll

We give judges the title of ‘Honorable.’ We stand up when they enter a courtroom. So we shouldn’t be surprised when this quark of authority worship leads to our blind faith in that they deserve it. In fact, we don’t question if they deserve it. Hence, the blind faith: they’re judges; they’re honorable. And I […]

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Trump Attacked Me on Twitter Hall of Fame

My Trump Attacked Me on Twitter Hall of Fame Defense

Trump Attacked Me on Twitter On March 2, 2018, at a time when most presidents would still be sleeping off their previous evening’s cheeseburgers-in-bed, Trump put our tax dollars to use with some executive time. And when I woke up, I saw all over the headlines that he’d attacked me on Twitter. But People magazine […]

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Yell to Hell map

The Yell to Hell: World Premiere of Idaho’s Newest Long Distance Trail

While we’ve had soft openings here and here and here, here is a post dedicated to introducing what Eric and I mean when we say Yell to Hell. Yell to Hell Origin Story For an English graduate student to graduate means a lot of sitting down, a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and […]

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minimalist fan art It’s Always Sunny Charlie

A minimalist fan art exhibit as balm to all the seriousness

Time to take a breath of minimalist fan art air.  For those of us who have yet to turn them off, a few minutes of minimalist fan art can heal a day’s over-exposure to news notifications. Arrested Development Hall     It’s Always Sunny Hall           Dead Man Piece   Encounters […]

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gun violence and mental health doesn't explain the rise in school shootings since the 1980s

The NRA Needs Pie: equating gun violence and mental health is poor taste

The gun violence and mental health script Dr. John T. Monahan sums up the gun violence and mental health script thusly: “Two things typically happen in the wake of a mass shooting. First, politicians claim that mental illness is the major cause of violence in America. Then, advocates for people with mental illness respond by […]

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